boosting self-esteem
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Karate: boosting self-esteem
Our coaches

We have five professional karateka working as coaches. Over the past twelve years, they have had some great successes in karate, including international, national and regional championship titles. Two of them are authorized to examine karateka up to First Dan level, and travel to up to 32 tournaments each year with the competitors.
20 rules of etiquette for karateka

01. Never forget: Karate begins and ends with respect.

02. There is no first attack in karate.

03. Karate supports righteousness.

04. First understand yourself, and then understand others.

05. The art of developing the mind is more important than
the art of applying technique.

06. The mind needs to be freed.

07. Trouble is born of negligence.

08. Do not think karate belongs only in the dojo.

09. Karate training requires a lifetime.

10. Transform everything into karate; there in lies its exquisiteness.

11. Karate is like hot water: If you do not give it heat constantly,
it will again become cold water.

12. Do not think that you have to win, rather think you do not
have to lose.

13. Transform yourself according to the opponent.

14. The outcome of the fight depends on ones control.

15. Imagine ones arms and legs as swords.

16. Once you leave the shelter of home, there are a million enemies.

17. Postures are for the beginner; later they are natural positions.

18. Perform the kata correctly; the real fight is a different matter.

19. Do not forget the control of the dynamics of power,
the elasticity of the body and the speed of the technique.
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